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About Us

After 20+ years of laughter, stories and sharing great food & drinks in their homes these once corporate women have decided to bring their zest for life to the Northshore.  They met while working together at a part-time job and instantly became best friends. Their friendship, two dreams…start a bakery & own a bar with their love for meeting new people has now become Zestfriendz.  A bakery by day and a small bites bar by night, serving zestfriendly food to locals hoping they share a story with a stranger, leave with good memories and return with a new friend.


Margie, a.k.a ‘the baker’ has been baking for friends and family for years.  She also created a small at-home business called “Delicious Designs”. The business name was carefully chosen as too often baked goods are beautiful, but not so delicious, but…. shouldn’t they be both? She was known to “Margify” recipes and people most often requested her baked goods that included unique savory & sweet paired flavors. Hence the origin of the rosemary lemon sandwich cookie and the honey lavender scone… forever be a flavor used on the Zestfriendz menu. 


Trudi, a.k.a. ‘small bites bar’ has always had a passion for creativity, comfort and good wine/cocktails. Whether traveling for business or spending time with friends, she found herself looking for places to frequent, which incorporated an experience. After visiting many establishments and not finding her exact dream, she decided to create a space that allows others to share in the full experience.  Enjoying tasty small bites, great wine, unique cocktails in an environment that allows you to be comfortable on your own or with friends.    

My Awesome Headline

Drinking Lemoncello- Italy 2007

Tree Selfies- Aruba 2020


Sunday: 8am-3pm

Monday: 7am-11am

Tuesday: Closed

Wed: 7am-3pm, 5-10pm

Thurs: 7am-3pm, 5-10pm

Friday: 7am - 10pm

Saturday: 7am -10pm

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(781) 309-1935


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